The title refers to Side Street Espresso, a small espresso café in downtown Anchorage owned and operated by Deb Seaton, my wife, and me for twenty-six years. “Flutters” is from the Chaos theory catchphrase “the flutter of butterfly wings in China causes hurricanes in Florida.” I envision cultural, social, and political change to happen in a similar fashion: from an “imperceptible” idea in one, then more persons’ minds, until there are millions intersecting, forming a colossal wave of change.

 Each day at Side Street we offer a drink special highlighted on a dry erase board. Starting in the mid-1990s, I’ve drawn images, often with commentary, on the boards. Starting out, I hoped the drawings would add moments of interest to patrons’ visits. Soon, the drawings and commentaries became a voice: my flutters from Side Street.

Since September, 1997, I have photocopied the drawings. Volume One consists of a timeline, from late 1997 through 2014, of two hundred and twenty-five of some five-to-six thousand drawings and ten pages of text at the end. The drawings with commentaries are my observations of events as they occurred, there are drawings of world, national, and local personalities, a few drawings with vignettes of interest, and some with personal stories.    

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