a book presentation is scheduled for 9:00-10:30 am, Sunday, April 21st at the Unitarian Church. The program will be similar to the presentation at the Senior Center last September: beginning at 9:00, Tom Begich will interview me about the book for about 45 minutes, then the remaining 45 minutes will be for questions from the floor.


a pre-purchase period during which one purchased the book prior to its arrival from the printer. This extended from late October when the book went to the printer to January 4, 2018, when it arrived back. About 200 people pre-purchased and they begin picking up their books on January 5th. I inscribed and signed each one.

on February 2, 2018, we combined a Book Launch/Book Signing event with the art reception for my annual February art show of drawings from the previous twelve months. A number of pre-purchasers used this opportunity to pick up books and have them signed. About twenty more books were sold and signed. Running from 5-to-8pm, it was a busy night with many First Friday Art Walk visitors stopping in to see the show.

on April 20th from 4-6pm, I did a book presentation at the UAA Bookstore. I used a power point format Klaus Mayer (my publisher and technical mentor) prepared for me; about 40 people attended.

the city sponsored a street solstice affair in our area on June 23rd and we held a greet-and-meet the author event on the side walk outside Side Street,11-2pm.

on September 28, 12-1pm, friend, singer-songwriter, and state senator Tom Begich interviewed me about Flutters from Side Street at the democratic Bartlett Club’s monthly luncheon at the Senior Center. About 60 people attended even though supreme court appointee Brett Kanvanaugh was testifying to the senate on television at the same time.

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